My Political Views

Here is a list of a few things you might be interested in about my political views:

  • I am anti-EU. I believe that a federalist Europe is not in the best interests of any member state and I want us to withdraw. If there is a referendum, even after renegotiation, I will vote for withdrawal. I think that our government should be accountable and responsible for our country, not some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.
  • I believe that welfare reform is necessary but the current round of so-called ‘reforms’ are ill-thought out, discriminatory and seek to penalise rather than help. How can you expect people to move into jobs when the unemployment rate, especially for young people, is so high? Don’t get me started on the assessment procedures for work fitness either!
  • I believe in a smaller state but I don’t believe this is achievable through current government policies.
  • I am anti-HS2. I believe that instead of a white elephant built by the taxpayer for use by the rich we should concentration on electrification of existing lines and increasing capacity by station extensions and extra carriages. I don’t think the benefits of HS2 have been demonstrated sufficiently and, besides, all this will do is suck more businesses south.
  • I am in favour of citizens being able to trigger a referendum on any subject they wish if substantial numbers of the electorate agree. I also believe that any petition that receives 100,000 signatures SHOULD be debated in parliament, as they promised. At the moment the government believe they can overrule the issues important to the electorate.
  • I believe that as a country we should be more self-sufficient and live within our means. Importing less food and relying less on other countries both cuts down our dependency on outside factors and helps the environment.
  • In the past I have voted for Labour and UKIP.


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